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Community Support Structure


"Community Support Structure" is an initiative to promote awareness of the value of community empowerment and access to spaces for socialization. 

Inspired by elements of medieval movable pageants with contemporary principles of community support and sustainability, this immersive installation serves as a collective construction, a movable prototype of a Theater, designed to foster creativity, inclusivity, and resourcefulness between communities.

Inspired by the rich heritage of medieval pageantry, this project reimagines and revitalizes the concept, infusing it with a modern vision of community collaboration and environmental consciousness. The focal point of this mobile Theater is its process of construction from recycled wood sourced from artists within our community and across diverse districts.

The objective of "Community Theatre" is twofold: first, to create a physical space where artists and audiences can come together to celebrate the arts, and second, to promote sustainability by repurposing discarded materials and giving them new life. By utilizing recycled wood, we emphasize the importance of mindful resource management and demonstrate the power of collective effort in bringing a creative vision to life.

The construction process itself becomes an integral part of the artwork, serving as a communal act of artistic expression and solidarity. Artists and volunteers from various backgrounds will collaborate, lending their unique skills and perspectives, to assemble this mobile theater. This inclusive approach allows diverse voices to be heard, fostering a sense of ownership and shared purpose within our artistic community.

Once the construction is complete, the mobile theater will become a platform for a series of events and performances. Artists from all disciplines will be invited to perform, enabling the community to experience a wide range of artistic expressions. This space will serve as a catalyst for cultural exchange, creativity, and dialogue, encouraging meaningful connections between artists and audiences.

Moreover, this community support structure is not confined to a single event but aims to leave a lasting impact. It will be made available for everyone to use in the future, becoming a catalyst for artistic exploration, collaboration, and inspiration.

By providing a movable theater that can be easily transported and adapted to different locations and contexts, this artwork promotes accessibility and democratizes artistic opportunities.

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