Filippo Vogliazzo 



It was supposed to be an artwork about looking for a house, or finding a home, in a exhibition space that is a flat. And in Syracuse there is a human made cave,

and it is very old,

“Ear of Dyonisus” they call it.

Its elliptic shape creates a special echo,

and if you walk in it – you hear it – and you'll notice that it is

a house for birds,

a home to them.

A home to snails

in their elliptical shells.

A bewitched ear, that hears

when animals are home.


Filippo Vogliazzo is an artist living and working in Berlin. His research focuses on the role of objects as parts of our surroundings, as products of contemporary technological evolutions, as hyper-objects: they are applications of traditional functionality, addressed by social conventions and employed by power structures that impact our daily lives. With an interdisciplinary practice that spans from investigations into symbols, architectural forms and materials, to questions of poetical nature, his research attempts to challenge regulating norms, behavioral patterns, and social spaces proposing a new critical perception of reality in order to reflect on the constraining dynamic of elements that shape our surroundings. His work has been recently exhibited at ACUD, Berlin (2020); Una Boccata d'Arte, Ferla, SR (2020); Pina, Wien (2019); Jam Factory Gallery Bangkok (2018); Odd One Out Gallery, Hong Kong (2018).