ReMoto a Luogo (Osservazioni) di Andrea

"According to my particular experience, having seen the sun rise and fall of a wide variety of artistic initiatives such as project spaces in high-risk neighborhoods, coworking in mafia confiscated propriety, collective exhibitions in abandoned places, sustainable engagement, public spaces performances, art magazines, artists associations, airbnb gallery, physical galleries, virtual galleries, and much more, my idea of artistic initiative has taken its most essential and therefore primary form: a non-form o rather a method which then can take whatever form is needed.

Intuition of a problem, creative resolution and sharing the results with any means at your dispose.
This method can be applied in various scale of magnitudes and in various contexts as well. What I like the most is the contest of social interaction as it is where we experience the most friction therefore in my view this is the starting point of any change. What I have the most expertise in is the field of existential problems that include biases of human psyche and active communication as I’ve been impacted the most in my life.

In this specific case Mayer Pavilion stands as a sharing point as well as the third and final step of the solution of a problem: discrimination in the housing market, the need for a space for social interaction and artistic discourse."

Andrea Mineo


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