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We can't breathe 


"In a time of sadness, revolt and demand for the Afro community around the world, an initiative was launched in Berlin. The Afro youth speaks with one voice and expresses their feelings of incomprehension. A photo shoot and a portrait showing their message. All of them are from the African or Afro-American diaspora and live in Berlin. Berlin? A city far from Minneapolis, will you tell me? And yet artists, writers, and social workers come together to convey their message through a medium where they are unfortunately only poorly represented.

"We can't breathe", they say."

"Bigmotha is my alter ego, a Berlin based self-educated photographer from France. I am that indomitable and creative spirit who traveled throughout Africa, USA, Asia and Europe to meet images that tell their own stories. After a Bachelor of Art in Politic Sciences, I pursued my studies with a Master degree in Management. But that was not enough, I had the strong will to learn the history of Art and became more and more interested in its variety. I studied at the Ostkreuz Schüle für Fotografie, a school and a politically critical agency, there I learned the most of what I know in the field."


"My appeal for Art led me to diverse artistic projects including the Paris Photo fair trade and a Pop up event at the MoMA in New-York. I am part of a really inspiring artsy family, our art flourish through different kind of mediums; photography is my way of expression."

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