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  • Rising Sounds above the Concrete
    Fr., 26. Mai
    The event include panel talks, film screening, live concerts, and art show. We will talk about the specific issues that Berlin's project spaces are facing in the present context. From rising rents to the disappearance of community space we will explore how to keep these communities alive.
  • Made By Hands Of Others
    Fr., 09. Dez.
    Spreefeld Berlin
    Mayer Pavilion celebrates its 3rd birthday, a three-year commitment to experimental forms of arts, presenting the exhibition titled “Made By Hands Of Others” at Spreefeld Berlin, Friday, 9th December 2022.
  • Money Machines
    Mi., 28. Sept.
    Mayer Pavilion invites you to witness a performance by Katja Tannert and Martin Wagner in the attempt of washing the creative act and money from its uncertain past. “Money Machines” is the opening event of "Art in Residence", an experimental art project by Susan Buckow
  • “Pleasure Me” By Yves Gore
    Sa., 14. Mai
    Mayer Pavilion
    ‘Pleasure Me’ is a Yves Gore's performance that welcomes audiences of any gender and sexuality into participating in it as openly at their own level of comfort and tolerance. The participant can choose to interact with themselves, or with Yves Gore verbally or through touch
  • Retrospective my ass by Frank Fu
    Sa., 14. Mai
    Mayer Pavilion
    It has been a wild and exciting ride of performance art for the past two decades for Frank Fu From "Welcome to the Bullshit and Boring Art World" to "In Memory of Contemporary Art" From crawling on my hands and knees like a dog at Venice Biennale to having public orgasmic art inside Centre Pompidou.
  • 101roses
    Fr., 06. Mai
    Early 2000s tradition widespread in ex-soviet union countries. A man would present a girl with 101 roses to demonstrate his affection. Preferably in a Gelendvagen (Mercedes G-class).
  • Lucca Live at Mayer Pavilion
    Fr., 29. Apr.
    Lucca is an experimental pop singer, songwriter and electronic music producer. Inspired by Berlin's music nightlife and a proper dose of Weltschmerz, she creates catchy melodies and dark soundscapes. Former artist in residency at ACUD Macht Neu and theater performer at BKA theater Berlin.
  • The other side of zeros and ones (day 2) Eye Square
    Sa., 04. Dez.
    Eye Square
    Day 2 of The Other Side Of Zeros And Ones at Eye Square. 40 artists in an attempt to unify Berlin art spaces during a 3-day opening. One exhibition to connect 3 project spaces. 3 days to experience interactive art, concerts, performances, ceremonies, group meditations and participatory dance forms.
  • The other side of zeros and ones (day 1) Mayer Pavilion
    Fr., 03. Dez.
    Day 1 - Mayer Pavilion (limited event capacity) 40 artists in an attempt to unify Berlin art spaces during a 3-day opening. One exhibition to connect 3 project spaces. 3 days to experience interactive forms of art, concerts, performances, ceremonies, group meditations and participatory dance forms.
  • Unifying Gate Festival
    Sa., 23. Okt.
    Over 40 artists, musicians, and performers from all around the globe will join forces opening a two-day gate and rewrite the future for harmonious unity.
  • Unifying Gate Festival
    Sa., 23. Okt.
    Over 40 artists, musicians, and performers from all around the globe will join forces opening a two-day gate and rewrite the future for harmonious unity.

Les Gens De Mogador

Concert By


Saturday, September 25th at 7 pm

"A sound journey in the footsteps of an exotic experience in the medina of ancient Mogador.

Occult rituals and daily life."

Acratep is the moniker of artist Eugenio Petrarca, created for performance solo and with collaborators. Member and co-founder of the ambient project Ab uno. His compositions are spontaneous arrangements of modular synthesizer patch pieces. Acratep research is based on Drone Music, where each sound gets its unique sonic character through a combination of overtones, namely higher frequencies that sound like they are dancing on the top of the sound spectrum. Long standing tones, slow movements, shifts repetition and layering.

Visual footage by  @waxaw_ethno_roots

poster artibiotic_2 copia.jpg

Audio Visual Performance

 by Iana Go and Degifted

Saturday, September 11th at 9 pm

“ARTibiotics” is the beginning of a series of audiovisual performances with a therapeutic effect, where artists Iana Go and DeGifted (Doron Eisenberg) will merge with the space, creating an immersive and mystical soundscape.

Taking ownership of your creative self, exploring your inner boundaries, trusting the freedom within, and facing your fears, the performance aims to inspire the visitors and welcome everyone who wishes to enter into this wonderland of freedom. Original projections meet music, painting mixed media​, movement, and art therapy. 

During the performance, all elements are co-created and improvised.

Iana Go is a Berlin-based artist and motion-graphic designer, who works with different media such as painting, films, projections, digital collage, animation and music. She was born in Kyrgyzstan, surrounded by post-soviet architecture, Russian literature and central-Asian visual aesthetics. She studied journalism and worked on TV as a moderator and a correspondent. Iana was also a frontwoman in a band for many years singing on her poetry. After the second revolution in Kyrgyzstan, she moved to Germany where she had her second degree in arts and design. 

Doron Eisenberg is a Berlin-based Dj and producer. The owner of “Legotek” records label and “Gordon”- cafe and record store. Eisenberg started his long career in Tel-Aviv’s late 90’s techno scene.

Das Rollen



Frida Zack


Saturday, September 4th at 9 pm

The project 5 in 6 aim to do five performances within six months as a method for experimenting with live performance, utilizing intuitive and quick methodology. The first one in the series, "Das Rollen", will be shown at the Mayer Pavilion in Kreuzkölln.

Das Rollen is a performative comedy in which different kinds of characters are trying to fit in an open community space, where they don’t match the social codes and become the odd ones out. As they are trying to join the community they get more and more uncomfortable and crash the atmosphere of the shared space.

Frida Zack (*1997) lives and works in Berlin and Leipzig. She is studyng at the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT). In addition to several solo works, she recently realized mainly process-oriented, body-based and collective live performances which deal with the tension between strength and exhaustion, connection and individuality.

Frida Zack poster-min.jpg
image0 2-min.jpg


Music performance


Princess Nouri and Kdindi 


Saturday, August 14th at 9 pm

CouCouKitchen is an interdisciplinary project that spontaneously emerged during the lockdown in the home kitchen of the Berlin-based artists.

Experiencing the world being still and silent, the duo made up of the musician Princess Nouri and dance theater performer Kdindie started to mix colors, flavors, and sounds reusing cooking tools for the costume extravaganza and visionary tableau vivant around the DJ table.

In the time of global suspension, CouCouKitchen is an ode to goodness and joy with seasonal set-ups of dance, handmade outfits, and music going to perform for the very first time live at Mayer Pavilion. 

CouCouKitchen will screen the video titled “Du Sucre Du Printemps" directed by Tanja Kuzmina and shot at Mayer Pavilion.


Princess Nouri aka Dina Nour is a Soviet-born musician from Qazaqstan. Coming from a classical background she is experimenting these days with different genres having the DJ mix controller always by her side.


Kdindie is the performing artist embodying architectures at the intersection of dance, design, and media art. Italian-polish based in Berlin cocreates visionary characters and transmedia narratives through a trinary identity.

Seed of Pain

Butoh performance


Maxim Blax von Piankov


Saturday July 24th at 9 pm

Max Blax is a native of the Urals, self-taught interdisciplinary artist, dancer and explorer of stage and atmosphere. 

“The pain of broken crystal. The fragments of a child's heart, who had been shaken by the collapse of the Soviet Union. A child that brought up in an atmosphere of survival and despair. Who’s looking for the fragments of his light in that infinite dark forest resembling human subconscious. If the past is grief, the present lives the echo of that empty forest seeded by pain. Eventually that child will find the seeds of pain and firmly eradicates its plants. Reaching back to his heart and reassembling that crystal of perfection that he is.”


Live Concert 
Saturday, July 17th 2021 at 8:30pm 

Indiscreet Jewels is an experimental electronic music band based in Berlin created by multidisciplinary artists Diana Karlssone, Andrey Kharitonov and Alexey Sarefo.


The band presents their new single and music video Hypnos Bohemica. The song lyrics are based on Friedrich Hölderlin verses and the clip is portraying the ruinous delight and starry-eyed enravishment of romantic poets who fearlessly draw their inspiration from the abyss of the Universe.

Concert Invitation -min.jpg
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