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On May 26th 2023, we are conducting a symposium in Berlin on the impact of privatization and commodification on project spaces, art initiatives and communities.
The event will investigate the challenges that art spaces face and consider potential solutions. We seek to connect project spaces across districts and enable Berlin's independent art scene to thrive.

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Live concerts 

Sarah Buckley


Sayde Price

May 26 


Hosted by ZÖNOTÉKA 

Hobrechtstraße 54 Berlin 

Rising Sounds above the Concrete

Embracing Urban Challenges with Collective Spirit

Berlin's art scene has thrived due to the diversity of its art initiatives, communities and project spaces. However, in recent years the rise of commodification, privatization, and rent speculation have threatened the existence of many of these spaces and groups of people. This symposium aims to explore the impact of these challenges on the independent art scene in Berlin and discuss potential solutions by exploring the importance of connection between communities and project spaces in the face of these challenges.

The Challenges 

We will discuss the specific challenges that project spaces in Berlin are facing in the current climate. From rising rents to the loss of community space, this panel will explore how project spaces are being affected by the increasing commodification and privatization of the city. We’ll discuss strategies for preserving these communities in the face of rapid development.


The Necessity of Connection 

This discussion will explore why it is essential for project spaces in Berlin to connect with each other. By sharing resources, knowledge, and support, project spaces can create a more robust and resilient network that can better withstand the challenges they face.


Models for Collaboration and Cooperation

During the event we will showcase examples of successful collaboration and cooperation between project spaces. By examining existing models, this panel will identify opportunities for new connections and collaborations that can help project spaces survive and thrive.


Closing Discussion

The closing discussion will bring together the key themes and insights from the three panels. The discussion will explore potential solutions to the challenges facing art communities and project spaces in Berlin and identify opportunities for collaboration and action. 

Film screening 

"Commons and the Housing Crisis in Berlin" is a short doc by The Radicals by Balolas Carvalho, Teresa Lorena Machado and Rita Couto.  In 2021 The Radicals kick-started a short documentary that unpacks the crisis the city of Berlin has been undergoing for more than a decade.

Time table 

5pm       Open doors, Drinks, getting to know each other, 

5:30       Exhibition tour, 

6:00       Presentation symposium project, 

6:05       Film screening by The Radical, 

6:30       Attendees presentations projects,

6:30       The Radicals - Rita Couto

6:40       Right 2 The City - Matthew & Laine

6:50       Space of Urgency - Lucas Counter 

7:00       Moos space - Clara & Adam Helcman

7:10       Freie Internationale Tankstelle Dida Zende

7:20       Unwetter - Jole Wilcke & Ulrike Solbrig

7:30       Cashmere Radio - dj shlucht

7:40       Round table discussion

8:15       Open questions from the audience, 

8:30       Break, food sharing,

8:45       Music performances, 

8:45       Kazms

9:15       Sayde Price

9:45       Sarah Buckley

10:30     Conclusions 

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