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The other side of zeros and ones (day 1) Mayer Pavilion

Day 1 - Mayer Pavilion (limited event capacity) 40 artists in an attempt to unify Berlin art spaces during a 3-day opening. One exhibition to connect 3 project spaces. 3 days to experience interactive forms of art, concerts, performances, ceremonies, group meditations and participatory dance forms.

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The other side of zeros and ones (day 1) Mayer Pavilion
The other side of zeros and ones (day 1) Mayer Pavilion

Time & Location

03. Dez. 2021, 18:00 – 22:00

Berlin, Kottbusser Damm 20, 10967 Berlin, Germany


About the Event

40 artists in an attempt to unify Berlin art spaces during a 3-day opening. 

One exhibition to connect 3 project spaces. 

3 days to experience interactive forms of art, concerts, performances, ceremonies, group meditations and participatory dance forms.

Friday, December 3rd from 6/10pm at Mayer Pavilion in Kottbusser Damm, 20

Saturday 4th from 1/10:30pm at Eye Square in Schlesische Str. 29/30 B 

Sunday 5th from 3/8pm at Ilali Studio in Okerstraße 40.

A silent earthquake of enormous proportions is shaking us under the pressure of division and fear. In a time when our beliefs in the social, political, economic, health and security structures are shaken by the earthquake of the pandemic and collapsing one after another the world is ready for the next metamorphosis.

The mutation we are embracing is revealing both the falsehood side of these structures and the wounds that they have created.

There are wounds both in physiologic and mental health of many people, and we need guidance, we need to take responsibility for our reality, we need to heal ourselves and to unify.

There are certain practices in art, music and dance that have the capacity to heal and facilitate our connection to the infinite intelligence. In the deep sense, healing means understanding our nature. In Proto-Germanic hailjan means wholeness and being whole and by connecting with the whole, we can remember once again our nature.

More and more people need the honest and sincere point of view from artists, their guidance during this uncertain time is fundamental, and more artists need spaces and opportunities to speak directly without filters to the public.

There are practices in art and religion that have had a fundamental role in our evolution when, by torchlight, cave paintings have trained the brain to follow the footsteps of the imagination. By overcoming our fear, these practices have taught us how to hunt. By imitating the movement and the sound of nature, these practices have taught us how to make music and communicate before we could speak words and have a structured language. Some of these practices constitute the spiritual program of religious practices. But after all, those practices belong neither to religion, nor to any disciplines. They belong to us, to our capacity to make them as what we want and strengthen the connection to that infinite intelligence that we are.

“Zeros and ones” is a system in which letters, numbers, and characters are saved in nearly all modern computing as combinations of the digits 0 and 1. “The other side” refers to the soul, the subconscious mind or everything that can’t be decoded in mathematical or logical terms. Ancient cultures referred to the subconscious mind as the biggest library where all the answers to all our problems reside.

It’s the level where all information about the universe, all life experiences, thoughts, and emotions get stored, and each of us has direct access to them when necessary. The capacity to access the subconscious is built into our nature. However, we have constructed a perfect system that doesn’t support this direct access. We have built the system, and now we are trying to survive it.

3 December from 6pm to 10pm

Mayer Pavilion Line up

Kottbusser Damm 20

6pm opening

6/7pm Exhibition Tour

7pm Wild Anima Performance Secret teachings in tenderness

7:30pm Sharing thoughts

8/10pm Sylvain De Vreese (ONA, interactive videogame experience)

10pm closure event

4 December 1/10:30pm

Line up at Eye Square

Schlesische Str.29/30B

1pm Opening exhibition tour

1:30pm Guided meditation by Chan Seth

1:45pm Cacao Cerimony by Henriette

2:20pm Music Journey by Giulia Anna Maria

3:00pm ONA, a videogame to awaken the world by Sylvain De Vreese

3:15pm SUPERNATURAL by Wild Anima and Amaury Bouquet

5:20pm Dance Performance by Selene Martinez Giron

5:40pm Ben Lubin + Palina Ringe music & painting Performance

6:15pm From one type of breath to another by Federico Pozzer

6:45pm Participative performance by Suoni Chiari & Verena Hilt

7:15pm Music Performance by Max,Lora,Yozi & Francesco

8:00pm Nommo, Performance by Kdindie

8:40pm Music Performance by Nana ios

9:15pm Music Performance by Hera

9:50pm ARTibiotics,visual,music and interactive painting by Iana Go

10:30pm The end is just a new beginning

Day 3 Line Up at Ilali Studio

5 December from 3pm to 8pm

Okerstraße, 40

3pm Opening

5/8pm Participatory group performance with clay workshop - Offerings to the wall

4pm Dance performance by Tuli

5pm Live performance ‘Imprints of wall’ by Valentine Emilia Bossert

6pm Live sound installation by Jamie Gordon

8pm The end is just a new beginning

Artists participating:


Timea Anita Oravecz

Stefan Wanzl-Lawrence

Pietro Bolcato

Pablo Denegri

Andrés Denegri

Alexander Bondar

Millie Gleeson

Eleni Tongidou

Federico Pozzer

Chan Seth

Ben Lubin

Amaury Bouquet

Wild Anima


Andrea Kantos

Diana Karlossone

Andrey Kharitonov

Ruslana Nosak

Alexander Main

Giulia Anna Maria

Iana Go

Nana iOS


Palina Ringe

Lora Ute

Max Blax

Francesco Fano



Andrea Mineo

Suoni Chiari

Verena Hiltl

Selene Martinez Giron

Sylvain De Vreese

Aurelia Braga De Matos

Valentine Emilia Bossert

Juan Camilo Alfonso

Jamie Gordon

Ghyslaine Louvet

Jesus on Heroine

Amanda McMicken

Tanja Bladt-Cohen



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