Unifying Gate Festival

23-24 October

Spreefeld Berlin 

Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 12, 14, 10, 10179 Berlin

Over 40 artists, musicians, and performers from all around the globe will join forces opening a two-day gate and rewrite the future for harmonious unity

poster festival 03-min.jpg

Tickets at the door upon registration 

Our Story
In a time of division, we are stronger together.

Mayer Pavilion is an experimental project space initiated in a Kreuzberg apartment studio created in response to the closures of cultural spaces during the lockdowns to reconnect artists and communities. As a result of the lockdown, we have learned that reducing human contact for too long could adversely affect our culture, health, and development.
Therefore, during this year Mayer Pavilion produced exhibitions, performances, screenings, concerts, podcasts, residencies, pop-ups events, and much more to fulfill its purpose: exchange energy, develop critical thinking, expand love, and have fun!
While hosting a relatively small audience for our events, we noticed that our community was expanding day by day making it hard for us to meet the demands of such a large audience and yet new voices were coming spontaneously to support our cause. Although the project is not instituted, linked to any association or institution, and receives no government funding, our intentions are united and energies are focused on making forms of experimental art accessible to the public.
We believe that this Festival will open a gate for new collaborations between artists, musicians, and performers, enlarge our community and inspire the audience in sustainable actions towards positive change in the world.

Performing Artists  👇🏻