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The Latest Invention

Sand, Limestone

Dimensions Variable

The series of sand sculptures pays homage to early human creations, looking into the dynamic between material and immaterial inventions that have shaped our interactions and understanding of the world.

It highlights five pivotal human inventions across time: the sailboat (5500 BC), the wheel (3500 BC), the plow (3000 BC), the Ziggurat (3000 BC), and the first rental agreement (2000 BC), encompassing other immaterial inventions like time, numbers, language, and geometry.

The latest invention takes the form of an engraved stone slab inspired by the first rental contract dated 2000 BC, created in early Babylonian times.

Just like the ephemeral sand sculptures, “the latest invention” is recomposed as an agreement every time it enters an exhibition space, defining the terms between the artist and the space owner for the utilization of the space.

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