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Everything I Have

5 framed photos 40x40 cm

Digital on Paper

Limited edition 1 of 3 Photographs

"Everything I Have" is a series of apple sculptures carved with my teeth and photographed. The photographic installation documents a 30-day performance during which I lent my atelier studio to a friend in need. The performance resulted in a series of sculptures created with minimal tools, materials, and studio space. The project was inspired by a conversation with a fellow artist who borrowed my atelier. Our discussion revolved around the necessity of having a studio and the rising costs of art supplies. I considered the idea that a sculpture could be crafted with a minimal set of tools and space, utilizing materials that could sustain the artist during the creative process.

"Everything I Have" represents the utilization of minimal resources and space, where the waste material of the sculptures also serves as sustenance for the artist, transforming everything I have into something meaningful.

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