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Liao, Kai Jou

Amélie and Antoine
video 25'

"Amélie and Antoine are both my friends in real life, but they didn’t know each other prior to the filming of this short. I interviewed both of them separately, and discovered that they share some common experiences. I collected their stories, and designed some questions and cues for them to follow during the shoot.

Neither of them knew what the other person would say, or how they would act before filming. All they needed to do was to follow the introductions I had given, and see what would happen next.

Amélie and Antoine are both trapped in a cafe, since the S-Bahn is temporarily out of order.  Amélie decides to pretend to be a writer in order to approach Antoine, and they start talking. Their conversation covers various topics: relationship problems, films, their lives, and future plans. The two gradually develop a crush on each other, but things suddenly change after the S-Bahn starts working again."

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