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"Macerie" (meaning: Ruins) is a cultural project about the sense of community and belonging. Through the various editions, artists have established multiple interventions. Prospects, gables, halls, atriums, abandoned churches, thus become the living matter from which to distance that sense of death and abandonment which, although it may delineate an aesthetic, is forced and incapable of enhancing the human beings who live in it. 


In spite of its name, "Macerie" (Ruins) is mainly made up of people, who through their works manage to reconcile the urban and human environment. Ruins seen as a legacy, unburdened by the weight that wants it to be socially useless, starts to vibrate again, charging itself with multiple senses and gathering more sensibility. Macerie is also a degree 0 of places, where the main set-up is traced back to the will of people capable of redeeming forms, giving a revenge to places that, beyond their historical splendor, are nevertheless and always remain social spaces.

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