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Conscious weapons in an era of the collective awakening warfare

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Those are the fundamental weapons for a new era of awakening:

a greater sense of responsibility as we speed up the manifestation timeline.

There is so much I would like to tell, but words feel limited in the attempt to

verbalize what it’s happening right now. There is a better way to deliver a message, and this is to stay true to your beingness, listen till the dust is settled down and whatever you write or say would be right.

Another explosion

After an explosion, only when the dust settles down can we see the way. As the dust stops, we will then be able to keep ahead or stop and draw patterns on the ground as we try to make sense of what happened in the world.

For now, I have chosen to draw some patterns here in words while waiting a few days before my journey to Mexico in the attempt to unravel the mystery of Mesoamerican healing practices. Only then will I keep moving.

Collective headache

Our timeline for manifestation is speeding up, forcing us to assume greater responsibility. We might feel overwhelmed, confused and tired as a consequence of an internal war, but if you see the dust you can say there is light, and you are still alive. If so, it means you can also handle the difficulty, regardless of the current headache. Don't worry, is normal, is something we all have in the collective now.

Speeding up manifestation power.

Our lives are fast-paced because we live in an unrested time. Looking at the changing rate of topics in the news, which I never follow, I might confirm through a series of alarming synchronicity that our full evolution circle is exactly two years. But we do not go faster than we can. Thrown into the game of life now we got to play, and the racetrack looks very like a circle as those in the Saṃsāra. We need to complete the race to pass to the next level till we ascend to higher dimensions. That’s the goal of our game of life, right?

Quantum leap

The circle of life is repeating, yet it raises the quality of energy at each circle that we end. The electrons within an atom can jump from one energy level to the next, as quantum physics describes well if you know it. In the concept of quantum leap, atoms have discrete energy levels, and electrons within an atom finally can jump from one energy level to the next.

Saṃsāra wheel

As we jump to the highest energy point within our lifetime, the risks are also high. Conflict, tension, and friction are all likely to arise. That’s why not all people are willing to speed up and increase the level of their own responsibility towards themselves and others. By keeping small and blaming others, they remain in the same game of life, circle after circle, life after life. The Saṃsāra: the infinitely repeated cycles of birth, misery, and death caused by karma as described by Sramanic religions, Buddhism, Jainism, as well as Hindu philosophy, who knows who else also said it.

Message to those seeking liberation.

Speaking to those who want to evolve, risk and ascend: we have to understand and embody the concept of “full responsibility”. We are those crazy electrons, whether you want it or not, tirelessly working on to maintain the physical world up, and right now we have the possibility to jump out in the quantum field. In the nothingness, the next dimension, higher density, the absolute, the liberation from duḥkha, realization of non-self, the nirvana, bliss bunny, whatever you want to call it. Just jump, down is soft!

Full responsibility in the spiritual awakening era

The faster we go, the more choices are presented, in a single lifetime. Choices have to be made, and all of us have an unprecedented level of responsibility. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.

What’s your choice?

Love or hate, light or darkness, Gaia or netflix.

The principle of full responsibility.

The world is all a matter of choices you make. You Always Have a Choice.

Nothing’s going to change unless you take ownership of your choices. When you recognize that everything you do is inherently a choice that you make, that’s when a shift occurs.

A little example of what you can choose during a lifetime or within 24 hours:

Fear or Joy.

Political trust or self-reliance

Watch the news or listen to the people

Believe the mainstream or do real researches

Left/Right puppets or we create our own politic

Fake democracy or real power to the people (us)

Govern protect us, or we connect each other and self organize

Military protect us, or we stay together and fight for our freedom

Censorship or Free Speech

Medical system or holistic medicine

Centralization of power or decentralization of power

The New world order or Joining the galactic confederation

Big company power or support self production and self sustainability

Petroleum Based Medicine or Plant Medicine

Individualism or Community

Separation or Unity

Obey or Rise above

Be compliant or Rise for your rights

Feel Powerless or Feel Powerful

Believe that the world belongs to the government or that the world belongs to you.

Violence or Compassion

Be guided by your Ego or be guided by your Higher Self

Waiting or Take Action

Serve to Self or Serve to Others

Believe in Lack or Believe in Abundance

Disrespecting or Be Kind

Discriminate or Connect

War or peace

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