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Still frame The Secret Of Beauty

The Secret Of Beauty 

Polidocanol, Methylprednisolone aceponate, Momethasone, Betamethasone and Sheng Di Huang ⽣地  (Rehmannia Root) on cotton canvas.

50x50cm 2022

The series of paintings titled "The Secret" juxtaposes two different medical cultures using their own substances and methods of cures as an aesthetic medium of painting. In the case of "The Secret of Beauty," the cotton canvas has been prepared with a blend of steroid-based creams used in western medicine for the treatment of psoriasis and dermatitis. The inscription "The Secret of Beauty" is applied to the cream bases using a preparation containing the plant root Sheng Di Huang, which has been utilised for centuries in ancient Chinese medicine with remarkable success for the treatment of psoriasis.

Through the deft juxtaposition of two distinct cultures and their divergent approaches to skincare, whether synthetic or plant-based medicine, the series is intended to inspire a personal investigation into the matter.

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