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Still Frame The Secret Of Happiness


Presentation at Eye Square Kunsthalle, Berlin 

The Secret Of Happiness

Bupropion-neuraxpharm 150mg, additive resin, petroleum paint based, quartz crystal, on canvas



For this project, I concealed a secret camera inside a water bottle and visited a psychotherapist for the first time, with the intention of producing a film based on the footage captured during these sessions. The discussions were meant to revolve around Contemporary art problems, the artist's struggle, and the reconciliation between private life and public persona. To my surprise, within the brief hour of therapy, antidepressants were swiftly prescribed without further investigation.


Consequently, instead of creating a film, I decided to transform these medications into a medium for a painting. I turned the antidepressant into a fine powder and blended it with an additive resin on a white base. The inscription "The secret of happiness" took form using petroleum-based paint and quartz crystals traditionally associated with shamanic healing practices.

In this deeply personal exploration, I delved into the realms of Western petroleum base medicine and shamanism, seeking insights into the enigma of healing and the pursuit of happiness. By juxtaposing these two distinct cultures, this work serves as a contemplative quest for answers. The series of paintings "The Secret" juxtaposes two different medical cultures using their own substances and methods of cures as an aesthetic medium of painting.

The backdrop of recent world events has witnessed a surge in mental health issues. Simultaneously, the consumption of psychotropic medication has spiked, offering seemingly quick solutions to symptoms for those facing psychological challenges. During these unprecedented times, easy access to psychotropic drugs without further investigation became prevalent.

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