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Too Late, Too Old, Too Cold

From the series Global Cooling of the Working Class

Acrylic resin, polyurethane, epoxy, glass eyes, Lieferando clothing


What else can go wrong? Frozen in place, in suspended time, an elderly man working as a food delivery driver awaits his shift, which may come too late or never. Trapped in what resembles an ice age of the modern era, he endures harsh weather while waiting.

"Too Late, Too Old, Too Cold" serves as a metaphor for the challenges faced by a generation that, despite enduring much, persists. It acts as a warning, prompting reflection on the consequences of neglecting collective support and failing to make the most of one's time, illustrating the outcomes of being lost in the role of a worker without heeding one's inner calling.

The work portrays the vulnerability of an aging worker left to confront the elements alone, yet his hands are positioned in a mudra, suggesting a search for universal energies, a plea for wisdom, or an attempt to harness inner strength amid adversity.

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