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MR Richichi

Signed euro banknotes

The series of the three euro 50 banknotes signed, is part of a wider work, aimed at changing the perception and value of money. The first action was the sale of a 100 euro banknote at the price of 50 euro; a year later there will be the auction of a 200 euro banknote which was then awarded at the price of 500 euro. And finally the sale of a fake 20 euro banknote at the price of 20 euro.

The three euro 50 banknotes were signed at the closing of the exhibition "Powart", an event in which the artist had asked the public to contribute financially to access the exhibition and the building that hosted it.

Mr. Richichi was an Italian artist who became known for some of his performances that appeared in local media in the years 2013-2015. The insertion of a nail on a plane in flight and the launch of 1400 euro coins in the city of Palermo (Sicily) were among the main actions that aroused public interest and criticism. His work has been characterized by a series of concatenated performances on justice and the financial world. Then in 2016 he founded "Powart" a small business as a work of art and a few months later he already started billing. In 2017 he embarked on a path of meditation, shortly afterwards he disappeared from the scene.

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