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The Theatre Theory (first edition) 

Click here second edition 

8 tungsten lights, dmx light control, wood, metal, cables, wheels

Dimensions variable

Photos: Performance by Andrea Cusumano and Claudia Di Gangi 


The work 'The Theatre Theory', contrary to its title, is a very practical installation that is based on the assumption that every theatre, no matter if closed, abandoned, or destroyed, contains a special energy, and the perfect mixture of its elements facilitates collaboration between artists and inspires people. Is the example of the oldest surviving Roman amphitheatre in Pompeii that was buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD and used for the legendary Pink Floyd show without audience in 1972 and repeated with audience in 2016. There are hundreds of destroyed ancient amphitheatres and theatres in Italy today that are still used for shows and performances, not only because of their acoustic qualities but also for their intrinsic energy, which the project The Theatre Theory is trying to reinterpret. The Theatre Theory is a project for a communal space composed of recycled wood and other components sourced from neglected theatres. The installation is a platform for a series of events and performances that have taken place since 2013. The installation is a modular construction that can be used by other artists under requests for concerts and performances. The initiative aims to promote awareness of the value of community empowerment and access to spaces for socialisation. 

Inspired by elements of mediaeval movable pageants, the dissemblable and movable theatre is designed to stimulate collaborations between artists and disciplines.

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