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The Theatre Theory (second Edition)

Click here for the first edition


8 Spotlight PAR 64, 2 switch packs, DMX controller, cables, smoke machine,

waste wood from construction sites and renovations of old houses.


The "Communal Theatre" is a programmable light installation and a transportable theatre module designed for use by other artists and musicians for their performances. Crafted from reclaimed wood collected from diverse dismantled theatre, this material-sourcing approach also lays the groundwork for the "Table of Resolution" project. 

Both "Communal Theatre" and "Table Of Resolution" share the same geometric structure, engaging metaphorically in a dialogue on various forms of communal utilization, presentation of concerts and performances. The octagonal structure serves as a support stand for eight theatre spotlights. Drawing inspiration from medieval Pageant wagons used for mystery and miracle play cycles, this movable octagon transforms surrounding spaces into performative stages. Its applications range from public spaces and galleries, offering the freedom to program light patterns of one's choice.

Its mobility allows easy relocation within a space, reconfiguration into different shapes, transportation, or disassembly as needed.

In response to the prevalent practices of space occupation amidst rapid gentrification, this project symbolizes creativity and the emergence of new cultural opportunities. It stands as an emblem of possibilities for showcasing art performances, advocating for space reclamation, and promoting sustainability amid challenges posed by urban development.

Photos: Presentation at Adlerhalle, Rathausblock Berlin.

Concerts and performances on the exhibition “Collectiveness In Space” 2023

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