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Table of resolution

Papier-mâché obtained from an unpublished book, structure in waste wood from construction sites

and old houses renovation.

Dimensions variable


Presentation at Rathausblock Werkhalle, Berlin

and at Adlerhalle in the context of Experimentdays Relaunch in cooperation with Zusammenstelle, exhibition Collectiveness In Space.

Table Of Resolution is an installation sculpture composed of three tables, forming an open octagonal shape. Inspired by an unpublished book that delves into the theme of how to facilitate community projects through art while addressing the gradual disappearance of spaces for socialisation in Berlin. The table surfaces are crafted from Papier-mâché , derived from the deconstruction of the aforementioned book, invoking a dialogue between theory and practice as well as destruction and rebirth of new creations.  

The tables are constructed from wasted wood sourced from the renovation of old houses, encapsulating the rushed gentrification move and the inherent memory of the city's ever-changing architectural landscape.

The table sculpture serves as a food dispenser and gathering point for dynamic dinners. An additional module includes a gas cooker, sink, water tank, and power station, offering the possibility of cooking outdoors. The project entails the installation of these tables in public spaces, making them accessible for communal use. 

The octagon, a form with historical connotations of rebirth and resurrection, is employed in the project to symbolise the resurgence of communal spaces that have faded away.  The project encourages individuals to view the act of dining together and preparing food collectively as a form of aesthetic communication and exchange.

Table of Resolution It is, indeed, a practice in the spatial reclamation of forgotten narratives and the revival of shared experiences. The project aspires to stimulate introspection, inciting contemplation on the irreplaceable value of shared experiences and the indispensable significance of communal spaces in our increasingly fragmented world.

The "Symposium Dinner" format offers an informal and open forum for projects, initiatives, networks, experts, and activists to mediate and engage in relaxed discussions while sharing a meal together.

Exchange among those who are looking for a flat or a project and those who initiate, promote, and develop housing projects, manage them in the long term, and secure them. Increase awareness of such strategies and initiatives as broadly as possible among the urban population.

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