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Inspired by the 21 grams experiment by physician Duncan MacDougall that hypothesized that souls have physical weight, and attempted to measure the mass lost after a human death occurs, I’ve assumed that even places have their own soul. Therefore, I've collected small portions of ruins along my travels to forgotten places. Places that were destroyed by the negligence of politics or natural disaster. And for each small portion of ruins I created a series of ingots casing for each of the disappeared sites.

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The Caveau project is literally an archive of ruins. Where the souls of historical or modern cultural sites are preserved. The story is not the only way to read history. Underlying this works is a profound observation of society; each work is not deconstructive criticism, but, on the contrary, are re-constructions, new forms that impose their own laws and allegorically become lenses through which to read our time, our history and our future.

The ingots represent the essential form of value that can be transferred or stored, like gold bars in a vault. The material that I most of the time use for these casts is concrete because concrete is a construction material and in some cases also the reason why those monuments have been destroyed, redevelopments, constructing area ampliation, brown coal excavation and so on so for these sculptures I want to give back to those monuments their dignity by returning what was taken from them. 

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