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I Never Died Before

Hydro-resin, glass fiber, soil, epoxy resin, glass eyes, baton, plaster, oil paint

The sculpture entitled "I never Died Before" is a striking addition to the Law & Disorder series, which confronts the perplexing correlation between natural and societal upheavals transpiring concurrently in disparate regions of the world. This project investigates the intricate interdependence of establishing natural and social order, as well as the tenuous definition of order and disorder.
By juxtaposing cataclysmic natural occurrences like floods, wildfires with social tumult, protests, economic crises, war, and revolutions from the years 2020 to 2022, this artwork offers an incisive commentary on the nature of existence in the contemporary world. The work prompts the viewer to reflect on the material conditions that underlie the interconnectedness of these seemingly disparate events, and the implications for the ongoing struggle to establish a just and equitable social order.
The sculpture portrays a woman who has taken a bold stand against oppressive forces in her society. By shaving her hair in solidarity with the Iranian revolution for women's freedom and against police violence and brutality, she has placed herself at the forefront of a pivotal moment in history. Her figure is imbued with a powerful energy that conveys her unyielding commitment to this struggle.
This woman's connection to the land and to the natural world is also evident in the soil from the flooding in Pakistan that covers her body. This serves as a reminder that natural disasters can exacerbate existing inequalities, as vulnerable communities are often the most affected. Moreover, the vegetables that appear to grow from her body allude to the protest of Dutch farmers who are also fighting for their rights at the same time as the Iranian revolution.
Through this sculpture, we see the struggles of different groups of people around the world coming together in a moment of shared resistance. It reflects the dialectical relationship between human action and natural forces, and how they can combine in unexpected ways to create powerful movements for change. This work underscores the importance of solidarity and the recognition that struggles for justice are interconnected, even across borders and oceans.

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