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The day of falling structures 

Concrete, titanium crystals, quartz, borax, glass granulate, zinc, volcanic sand, selenite, resin.

295x160x70 cm

The installation, titled "The Day of Falling Structures," is a testament to the interplay between functions and dysfunctions of structures. At a time when our political structures are trembling under the weight of war, crises, and pandemics, the world is primed for its next metamorphosis. The installation offers three typologies of structures, each composed of a diverse array of contrasting materials such as concrete, glass granulate, zinc, borax, quartz, selenite, titanium crystals, 3D-printed crystals, and volcanic sand.

At the center of the installation stands a structure that symbolizes the connection between heaven and earth, represented by the Flying Buttress, a feature of Gothic architecture. This structure serves as a bridge between the animal, human, and spiritual worlds. Supporting this central structure is a sculpture of a body that represents a rare case of Munchmeyer's disease. This affliction, first described by Guy Patin in 1692 as "the woman who turned into wood," causes the ossification of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, resulting in the permanent immobilization of the body. This sculpture serves as a poignant reminder of the limits of the human body and the fragility of life.

At the opposite end of the installation's arch, the base is supported by crystals and a concrete turtle made from volcanic sand and quartz crystal. Crossing the arch's center is a titanium crystal sculpture of a praying mantis, symbolizing metamorphosis from insect to crystal. This process of transformation, marked by vulnerability and strength, represents a crucial evolutionary phase, as insects must shed their old exoskeletons to grow larger, a process called ecdysis.

This installation employs symbolic animals and insects and combines natural and industrial materials to offer a portrait of a collective transformation in which we are all participating. It is an endless cycle of evolutionary phases where suffering, vulnerability, and strength all play a role in the human journey towards further mutation. "The Day of Falling Structures" is a remainder to the resilience and adaptability of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

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