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Mayer Pavilion it’s an experimental project space in an apartment studio developed in response to the cultural spaces shutdowns and the challenging times of the lockdown.
Experimental what?
It’s a space for art and active discourse, we produce, host, and collaborate on a range of formats such as exhibitions, performances, screenings, podcasts & residences. However, the project is based on an experimenting idea, not established or finalized, that was developed in response to the growing urge to reconnect artists and communities together. 

How and Why?
Mayer Pavillon’s purpose is to create a space for artistic expression, conversation, and engagement. Through our various formats and by showcasing emerging artists from all around the world, we seek to establish a dialogue and cultural exchange within the neighborhood and the wider Berlin community.
As a result of the lockdowns, we have learned that reducing human contact for too long could adversely affect our culture, health, and development. Hence, we defined an artistic space as any space that allows expression, conversation, and engagement. A gallery or an apartment studio is just as valid space.

Who’s Mayer?
The name comes from Andreas Mayer which is the fake name that the founder Andrea Mineo used to get an apartment studio after eight months of unsuccessful searches and has been two times victim of discrimination from the housing market. Andrea eventually chooses to change his profile name into Andreas Mayer in all searching house platforms. In a week he received numerous invitations to view apartments and eventually got the one in Kreuzberg. Mayer has become a symbol of overcoming social obstacles through the use of creativity, humor, and inventiveness.

Exhibition Projects

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Exhibition Space

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What will remain once we have found the answer?

Opening June 2021

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Exhibition Project Series

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Live Concert

Pop-Up events Series

July 2021

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Amélie and Antoine 


New exhibition space opening 2020

Exhibition Project Series

ReMoto a Luogo (Osservazioni) di Andrea

ReMoto a Luogo

Telepathic Sculpture

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