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Mayer Pavilion is an artist run initiative exploring the role communities play in social and transformative change.

Since 2020 Mayer Pavilion has exhibited and collaborated with more than 80 artists in Berlin, through festivals, workshops and exhibitions. 

The project was initiated by Andrea Mineo after half a year's research into housing discrimination cases for the purpose of a documentary.

Mayer Pavilion's name comes from Andreas Mayer, a fictitious name created to test the increment possibility of response in getting a studio and establish a project space in Berlin.
After the experience of two cases of discrimination, and many other cases shared by friends and communities, with the help of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (Antidiskriminierungsstelle) Andrea issued a case to find those responsible for discriminatory ads published in ebay kleinanzeigen in 2020. 

While none of the persons accountable for the ads was never found, Andreas Mayer's fictitious account obtained a long series of appointments for studio views and eventually a rental contract for a studio in Kreuzberg was signed.

Since then Mayer Pavilion became a long term initiative, symbol of humor, inventiveness and willingness for social transformations, bringing together artists from different culture and background. 

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on a journey to explore the role art communities play in social and self transformation

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Mayer Pavilion initiative began in 2020, when the pandemic forced artists and the whole world to retreat into their homes. We started as an experiment in an apartment, which became the only place where artists could meet and keep the discussion alive. Since then, the initiative has open bridges with larger venues such as theaters, project spaces, and exhibition spaces. However, the core of our initiative remains the feeling of “home” for artists and people who come to our events.

Experimental what?
The project is based on an experimenting idea because it is not established or finalized. It was developed during difficult times in response to the growing urge to reconnect people together and prevent losing grip on reality.  

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What's the point?
In a time of increasing division and future uncertainty we found essential to create a vibrant home for artists everywhere we present an event, a festival or an exhibition. Mayer Pavillion stands as a symbol of hospitality, solidarity and active discussion. With an unwavering commitment to humor and inventiveness, we strive to overcome socio political obstacles and find new ways to support experimental forms of art during hard times.

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Pavilion what ?
A pavilion, usually is a structure attached to a building, often associated with activities such as concerts and pleasure, and this stance of being "outsiders" as well as transforming every place we enter into a home has been the hallmark of our work. 
We believe that a space for art and discussion can exist anywhere, whether it is an apartment, a studio, a pavilion, or a public space, as long as it serves as a hub for cultural exchange for the community.

We advocate non-hierarchical, decentralized and sustainable processes with production that speaks directly to the social contest and community interest.

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Our event’s format combines in a unifying space different artistic fields such as visual art, music concerts, and performances with learning, and interactive components such as workshops, ceremonies, and open discussion. We believe that a holistic understanding of ourselves can be revealed by crossing disciplines and providing a unique space for physical interaction.

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With the understanding that there is no single answer, our exhibition format invites viewers to experience the works in different situations such as concerts, meditations, and interactive activities. By doing so, the spectator is creating a personal relationship with the artworks and the artist.


 2020 - 2021 - 2022

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During the pandemic, we have witnessed an increase in depression, anxiety, and other mental ailments. As a response to the health emergency, we worked in a new curatorial direction, by expanding the notions of healing in the western and eastern cultures.

Notions of healing in western and eastern cultures 
We broadened the understanding of natural healing methods, ceremonies practices, and art inspired by ancient cultures. Cacao Ceremonies, rituals, Mandala Creation, conscious movement and meditations are fundamental parts of our program while we keep exploring new technologies invested in artistic expressions.


Human Recovery Projects 
Isolation and lockdowns have divided people, despite this, the health system has maintained the same methods of cure for those who suffer from mental diseases. In response to the pandemic, our artistic community created a series of recovery projects, one of which is titled: Unifying Gate Festival

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The Other Side Of Zeros And Ones - Performance By Selen Martinez Giro

Just take a breath


Unifying Gate Festival - Performance By Kdindie

Self Awareness, Cooperation and Critical Thinking are the foundation's guiding principles of our project space.
Mayer Pavilion is a symbol of imagination, discovery, and innovation.

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Welcoming Diversity 
We are supporting the work of artists from political minorities and provide a working environment that is supportive, respectful, and non-judgmental.

Support for people in countries torn by war
For a couple of months we turned our exhibition space into a temporary living space to host refugees. For the time they needed support, we paused our artistic program and we provided shelter. During this period we moved for continuous support, whatever it might be, financial or bureaucratic, to people in countries torn by war. We are giving voice to artists from war-affected countries.


Sustainability and recalibration with Nature
In June 2022 we launched an open call for artists, engineers and creative thinkers to re-imaging and co-create a space for culture exchange in Berlin in-between urban and nature areas.
Titled Nowhere Museum, the open call is an ongoing project aiming to actualise a new prototype for future institutions in a series of semi-abandoned places in Berlin.



  • Rising Sounds above the Concrete
    Fr., 26. Mai
    The event include panel talks, film screening, live concerts, and art show. We will talk about the specific issues that Berlin's project spaces are facing in the present context. From rising rents to the disappearance of community space we will explore how to keep these communities alive.
  • Made By Hands Of Others
    Fr., 09. Dez.
    Spreefeld Berlin
    Mayer Pavilion celebrates its 3rd birthday, a three-year commitment to experimental forms of arts, presenting the exhibition titled “Made By Hands Of Others” at Spreefeld Berlin, Friday, 9th December 2022.
  • Money Machines
    Mi., 28. Sept.
    Mayer Pavilion invites you to witness a performance by Katja Tannert and Martin Wagner in the attempt of washing the creative act and money from its uncertain past. “Money Machines” is the opening event of "Art in Residence", an experimental art project by Susan Buckow
  • “Pleasure Me” By Yves Gore
    Sa., 14. Mai
    Mayer Pavilion
    ‘Pleasure Me’ is a Yves Gore's performance that welcomes audiences of any gender and sexuality into participating in it as openly at their own level of comfort and tolerance. The participant can choose to interact with themselves, or with Yves Gore verbally or through touch
  • Retrospective my ass by Frank Fu
    Sa., 14. Mai
    Mayer Pavilion
    It has been a wild and exciting ride of performance art for the past two decades for Frank Fu From "Welcome to the Bullshit and Boring Art World" to "In Memory of Contemporary Art" From crawling on my hands and knees like a dog at Venice Biennale to having public orgasmic art inside Centre Pompidou.
  • 101roses
    Fr., 06. Mai
    Early 2000s tradition widespread in ex-soviet union countries. A man would present a girl with 101 roses to demonstrate his affection. Preferably in a Gelendvagen (Mercedes G-class).
  • Lucca Live at Mayer Pavilion
    Fr., 29. Apr.
    Lucca is an experimental pop singer, songwriter and electronic music producer. Inspired by Berlin's music nightlife and a proper dose of Weltschmerz, she creates catchy melodies and dark soundscapes. Former artist in residency at ACUD Macht Neu and theater performer at BKA theater Berlin.
  • The other side of zeros and ones (day 2) Eye Square
    Sa., 04. Dez.
    Eye Square
    Day 2 of The Other Side Of Zeros And Ones at Eye Square. 40 artists in an attempt to unify Berlin art spaces during a 3-day opening. One exhibition to connect 3 project spaces. 3 days to experience interactive art, concerts, performances, ceremonies, group meditations and participatory dance forms.
  • The other side of zeros and ones (day 1) Mayer Pavilion
    Fr., 03. Dez.
    Day 1 - Mayer Pavilion (limited event capacity) 40 artists in an attempt to unify Berlin art spaces during a 3-day opening. One exhibition to connect 3 project spaces. 3 days to experience interactive forms of art, concerts, performances, ceremonies, group meditations and participatory dance forms.
  • Unifying Gate Festival
    Sa., 23. Okt.
    Over 40 artists, musicians, and performers from all around the globe will join forces opening a two-day gate and rewrite the future for harmonious unity.
  • Unifying Gate Festival
    Sa., 23. Okt.
    Over 40 artists, musicians, and performers from all around the globe will join forces opening a two-day gate and rewrite the future for harmonious unity.

Exhibition Projects

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Exhibition Space

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What will remain once we have found the answer?

Opening June 2021

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Exhibition Project Series

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Live Concert

Pop-Up events Series

July 2021

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Amélie and Antoine 


New exhibition space opening 2020

Exhibition Project Series

ReMoto a Luogo (Osservazioni) di Andrea

ReMoto a Luogo

Telepathic Sculpture

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