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ReMoto a Luogo (Osservazioni) di Andrea

Andrea Kantos

ReMoto a Luogo (second session)

Telepathic sculpture

Collaboration between Andrea Kantos and Andrea Mineo

Concrete sculpture, gold, graphite, quartz, Video/Performance.


The first session of ReMotion a Luogo took place in an uninhabitable space through a series of empathic actions. During the period of restrictions, we deepened the dyadic space addressed in the first performance by moving from empathy to telepathy. Telepathic Sculpture is an attempt to re-establish the connection between the two artists by bypassing the barriers of space and the “self” as creative agent.

The ability to play with events, extemporaneous determinations and reflections on what is connected beyond space, in a time period afflicted by a confinement is an artistic action of change. Every change is born from observation and from overcoming what is not seen becomes stumbling and impediment, it appears remote.

Andrea Kantos (Palermo 1977). Visual and Trans-diciplinary Artist, Curator, Founder KaOZ, Co-founder Border Crossing, Co-founder and Artistic Director of Dimora OZ and Spazio Flaccovio. He is interested in the Alter as a first pro- cess in which the individual and his destiny in a dense network of plots and frame, connections whose drifts and the principles are absolutely metaphysical. "What we used to call reality it is a montage and one wonders if, one in which we live, is the only possible. Starting from the same material, you can create different realities", Postproduction Nicolas Bourriaud. This phrase an idea of condensation and transdisciplinary research and transpersonal process, articulated in projects, collaborations, contexts and very upsetting and different media.

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