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Chan Seth



2021, acrylic on canvas


Chan Seth is an award winning artist, creative director, and founder of Sandscapes Dubai, an art festival which expands opportunities for collaboration and creation in the UAE, and supports funding for local artists with special needs. 


His creative and spiritual journey took him around the world to unravel textile traditions and ceremonies that have depicted prana, or “life giving force” for centuries such as Javanese Batik, Peruvian Shipibo patterns, and Tibetan Sand Mandalas. Each tradition represents the creative energy in different ways, as a pervasive energy-field in Batik, as a sonic vibration in Shipibo textiles, and as a geometric representation of the cosmos in Tibetan Mandalas. By selecting these ancient traditions that span the globe, his intention is to convey that prana isn’t restricted to a specific geographic, racial or cultural background. Called by different names and manifesting itself in different forms, this energy is ultimately the foundation of our shared human experience. Through his paintings Chan shares visualizations of prana, the cosmic life-force that binds everything in the universe. Although our true nature ultimately rests beyond the realm of form, these paintings are a means to remind us all to nurture and harness the creative spirit within.

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