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300 kg of Chocolate

400 x 200 x 80 cm

For the work “Study of energy emission generated from 300kg chocolate” the artist has appropriated roughly 300 kilograms of chocolate, originally featured in the Dieter Roth and Bjorn Roth retrospective exhibition in Hangar Bicocca. In a bold move, the artist reached out to the Museum, requesting the unused chocolate for a personal artistic endeavor. The material was then carefully transported from the museum to the artist's university campus residence, with the help of trusted colleagues and vehicles. The sizeable quantity of chocolate was carefully stored in an underground room on the campus. However, due to the pungent odor emanating from the plastic bags used to contain the chocolate during transport, campus residents became aware of its presence. After several months, the chocolate was eventually discovered, and the campus director instructed the artist to promptly relocate it from the building within a week. Consequently, the artist and a team of associates divided the chocolate into numerous small boxes and temporarily housed them in the studios of artist colleagues, professors, and exhibition spaces. Throughout this daring and unconventional adventure, the artist explored the concept of obstacles and energy, transforming potential limitations into creative possibilities.


The artist created a database in order to keep trucks with the entire amount of chocolate divided into small boxes and given to people in temporary storage. Each keeper had signed an agreement promising to keep the box indefinitely as long as the artist did not need it for a new work. The custody agreements, in addition to adjusting the pact, serve to maintain the ties of the relationship by informing the keepers of the artist's activities and the development of the project through a monthly update. The monthly update, titled "Fragments of an Energy Study," was sent via email and served as a diary for the project.

Throughout the project, the chocolate boxes were requested twice for the creation of two wall installations that were displayed in two galleries for different exhibitions.

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