Seed of Pain

Butoh performance


Maxim Blax von Piankov


Saturday July 24th at 9 pm

Max Blax is a native of the Urals, self-taught interdisciplinary artist, dancer and explorer of stage and atmosphere. 

“The pain of broken crystal. The fragments of a child's heart, who had been shaken by the collapse of the Soviet Union. A child that brought up in an atmosphere of survival and despair. Who’s looking for the fragments of his light in that infinite dark forest resembling human subconscious. If the past is grief, the present lives the echo of that empty forest seeded by pain. Eventually that child will find the seeds of pain and firmly eradicates its plants. Reaching back to his heart and reassembling that crystal of perfection that he is.”

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Live Concert 
Saturday, July 17th 2021 at 8:30pm 

Indiscreet Jewels is an experimental electronic music band based in Berlin created by multidisciplinary artists Diana Karlssone, Andrey Kharitonov and Alexey Sarefo.


The band presents their new single and music video Hypnos Bohemica. The song lyrics are based on Friedrich Hölderlin verses and the clip is portraying the ruinous delight and starry-eyed enravishment of romantic poets who fearlessly draw their inspiration from the abyss of Universe.