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Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Why should Culture Trends be viewed with caution?

When speaking about trends, often people think it is about cultural or technological phenomena, but this can’t be farther from the truth.

Very few in history have been true cultural trends, and the rest are mostly deceptive and being driven by central powers whose interest is far from being our well-being.

In this game of power and camouflages with the flavours of technological and cultural progress, there is a hidden agenda carried out and enhanced by politics, cultural institutions, big companies and mass media.

Forever Students at Naïveté school

Students of world universities equipped with laptops, surveys, statistics and a good amount of attitude are being desk-bound to study trends for the purpose of marketing, business or whatever the promise of a degree is.

I did cultural trends research when graduating as a project design manager, but today I think the only good reason to study trends is to forecast a storm of shit.

I’ll explain the typologies of trends and what they are down in this article but for now just know that exists Mega, Macro, Micro Trends and Fads.

Problem, reaction solution

Most of the Mega and Macro trends we're seeing taking over our lives are pushed to generate a precise response, in the phenomena called “problem, reaction, solution.” By just typing the list called “Mega Trend 2030” you could have an overview of what the agenda 2030 looks like. What are the problems, what is the reaction and eventually what are the solutions.

Mega trend 2030:

  1. “We are hotter.” Problem: “the climate change.” Solution: more taxes to citizens, centralized power, Great Reset, Climate Lockdown.

  2. “We are more.” Problem: overpopulation. Solution: big pharma and the government can do more to depopulate than it has in the past two years.

  3. “We Live in Cities.” Problem: congestion and crime. Solution: Mega Cities, Surveillance Increase, abolition of privacy.

Here are just a few, but there are many more trends like:

“We need more energy.”

“We are highly connected”: sure they don’t mean in real human communities of course but connected online. Which means at least five smartphone devices for each inhabitant of the globe and exponential increase of radiation, because we need faster internet and see our children grow mutants.

The 5g antenna has to connect all remote parts of the world so that even the indigenous people in the Amazon can watch Netflix, and chemical trails in the sky will make us forget what colour the sky was.

In short, most of the mega trends we see today are supposed to transform society into an AI centralized dictatorship. That’s a good reason to come back to study them.

Mega Macro Micro trends,

it doesn't matter how big or small the lie is.

Before I go inside cultural corruption camouflage as a breakthrough cultural movement, I would like to give an introduction to what are trends and the various types.

  1. Mega trends occur over a long period of time, influencing all the aspects of life. Examples of these trends are demographic changes, urbanization, climate change, advance in technology and so on. Mega trends are the ones dictating the lead. Most of the other trends came as a response to this category.

  2. Macro trends are the children of mega trends. An example would be the megatrend “advances in technology” which comes with Internet of Things, Big Data, Smart Homes, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and many more. Analyzing macro-trends is done by looking at certain regions and more specific target audiences. These trends are a starting point for the next category of Micro-trends.

  3. Micro trends are the “nephews” of mega trends. They are the most active, diverse and appearing very fast one after another. An example of a micro trend was Facebook when it first appeared as a social-media platform. It was quite a niche service used only by a group of students, which later ended up being a key driver to the entire social-media movement.

  4. Last but not least, Fads are the opposite of trends because they only last for a short period of time. Examples of fads are commonly seen in clothing, diets, exercise, hairstyles and more other areas like this. Fads are easily driven by social media channels today.

We actually need to come back to study trends not for marketing but to prevent the centralized power to move its spell towards us. That's true: “Follow the money” and see where political corruption is hidden; in this case: follow the trend and connect the dots of the hidden agenda of mass control.

Hierarchy of trend power

The quick spread of cultural trends is done by crossing efforts between politics, cultural institutions, mass media and big companies. They have to work together to constitute the spider web, from which everything that goes against the propaganda trend sounds like conspiracy theory.

You may think government is the highest point of decision, but is not at all. Politics covers the role of the medium, beyond it exists a vast hierarchy of power invisible from every point of view, which is below the government. The agenda set of rules for a new cultural trend essentially looks like coming from them: Politic, Institution and mass media, academics, but they are those who just enhance the narrative, they are not constituting it.

Cultural propaganda comes from a much higher power than you may expect. For now, let’s keep this mystery.

Consume, Uniform, Behave and Die.

My definition of trend has taken this form:

A dynamic in which a specific set of ideas camouflaged as a cultural movement are forced on the masses in order to quickly change the market, people beliefs and behavior. Here the three steps:

1. Market Trend: a way to quickly change what, how and why masses consume. Market Trend comes in the form of the “omnipresence of a specific set of products” that fit the narrative trend. Every company produces a version of it. Quickly happen that you start to see a specific product everywhere and every time, at the shops, on the TV, in the magazines and so on. As we know, repetition is one of the strongest ways to hammer a brand in the head of people. Eventually, but very quickly, anyone who is not equipped with the same set of product trends is seen as a miserable idiot.

2. Thinking Trend: cognitive scientists wished that critical thinking was a common human ability, but it isn’t. Unfortunately, only an extremely reduced slice of the population is gifted by it, and the rest have lost it since the invention of the frequency lobotomization device: the TV today called “the smartphone”. The thinking trend is a quick way to change how people communicate with each other; arguing or approving with each other on the basis of the current promoted thinking trend. The purpose of a Thinking Trend is erasing diversity and individualism for the sake of increasing uniformity. You’ll quickly see the publication of infinite books from different publishers and researchers, approaching different fields with different shapes and forms, but that essentially are the same book published over and over. That book contains the discussion rules for the current trend arena. It will explain how to defuse criticism from those who think differently from the trend theory, why the trend is good, and other reasons that make the trend seem a real cultural development for society. Every cultural trend has a reference book like the bible for Christianisms and or the Koran for Islamism.

3. Behavioural Trend: when an idea has taken its way through, generating a set of beliefs, the behaviour it will follow by shaping the way in which people interact with each other, consume and persecute those who are not uniformed with the current behavioural trend.

The Behavioural trend bypasses all kinds of brain function, common sense, critical thinking and eventually personal identity to become a perfect substitute of the self and eventually constitute the “citizen of the future”.

We are here to change you permanently.

You may think that a trend is a temporary phenomenon for the very essence of its name, but it won’t die till the critical mass of people is achieved and changed permanently. The very purpose of a trend is to change people's way of conducting their life to a degree that is more profitable for the niche of power.

Self Investigation in the era of perpetual distraction.

We live in a time when we are exposed to an enormous amount of input, distracting us for the very purpose of our life. We are rushed to work hard, consume and adhere to media imposed standards rather than invest time for our self investigation.

Work 60 years for 10 year retirements and then die. Self investigation is a dangerous tool for the system because it can create inner freedom and external freedom as a result. In a world where the economy of war requires an infinite amount of money at the expense of the taxpayer and public debt is skyrocketing, there isn’t much less to enjoy life, especially in a perpetual state of conflict.

Nevertheless, the amount of wealth, prosperity and technological advancement that we have achieved over the course of our evolution is enormous. What our ancestors have gained as they made their way along the dark and unpredictable force of nature was huge. Despite this fact, still a great percentage of the world's population still lives in poverty, something about 689 million people, live in extreme poverty.

Breathe in and out, what a waste of time!

Self investigation is a waste of time because it has never been a trend, they say. That's why Saints, Monks, Yogis and spiritual masters have devoted their lives showing the way during uncertain times by their example of self investigation. Self investigation is actually a waste of time for those who want to keep feeding a dictatorship system.

Isn't it something that yogis, Nepal, India Tibetan monks for eons of time have been living amongst the forest and doing nothing other than paying attention, conscious awareness of their breath, a dedication of life to unifying with the source and reaching enlightenment through simply being present with their breath hours all day long? So many in society would label it as doing nothing. Breath is not a trend. So if one can reach unification with all that is with the source creator, maybe doing nothing is doing something. And maybe that's something far more powerful than the mind can perceive. So breathe in and out and waste time.

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