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Telepathic collaboration between Andrea Kantos and Andrea Mineo

Concrete, gold, graphite, quartz, Video documentation


During the period of lockdown and restrictions, I deepened the importance of a dyadic space between my friends and family. And I addressed it as the first telepathic work, by moving from empathy to telepathy. Telepathic Sculpture is an attempt to re-establish the connection between a close friend of mine by the discovery of other means than physical or technological. The aim in this project is bypassing the barriers of space and the “self”. The ability to play with events, extemporaneous determinations and reflections on what is connected beyond space, in a time period afflicted by confinement, is an artistic action of change. Every change is born from observation and from overcoming what is not seen becomes stumbling and impediment, it appears remote.

Schermata 2020-10-22 alle 12.06_edited.jpg
Schermata 2020-11-17 alle 12.04.52-min.png

For the work me and my friend synchronized each other on a series of days and times during which after a deep meditation we attempted a telepathic connection. When I and Andrea Kantos began this long-distance artistic collaboration I wasn't convinced it would work as much as I was excited about the novelty of the experiment, until a couple of days later, a few words appeared on the rough surface of the concrete sculpture. Between the folds of the concrete, it became undeniable to me that we indeed were somehow connecting on another level than physical.

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