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November 2020/January 2021

For the first exhibition titled "Incomers at Mayer Pavilion" the new project space Mayer Pavilion twelve artists have been invited to discuss remoteness, isolation and housing disadvantage. 

The word Incomers defines those who have come to live in an area in which they have not grown up. Especially in a close-knit rural community but it can also be used to describe a person with a certain level of income too. 

Incomers are those who are affected first, especially nowadays in the context of the housing market which is leading to increased competition for people on medium and low incomes for affordable housing. This allows owners to choose from a wider range of demands. As a result, discrimination becomes more likely and more difficult to prove. Housing disadvantage, unjustified rent increases that only apply to certain groups of tenants, neighborhood conflicts and so on have the effect of limiting the victims’ enjoyment of their accommodation or to exclude the chances to have accommodation at all. 

Mayer Pavilion is a project space located in a social house in Kreuzberg which one needs a Wohnberechtigungsschein in order to rent it. The word is long but the story short. The name comes from Andreas Mayer which is the fake name that the artist and founder Andrea Mineo used to get an apartment-studio after eight months of unsuccessful searches and expernieces of being a victim of discrimination from the housing market. Andrea eventually chose to change his profile name into Andreas Mayer in all searching house platforms. In a week he received numerous invitations to view apartments and eventually got the one in Kreuzberg. Started as a documentary experiment now his apartment-studio became an project space hosting exhibitions and projects with artists from all around the world. For the artistic community in Berlin Mayer has become a symbol of overcoming social obstacles through the use of creativity, humor and inventiveness.

Artists: Eric Sidner, Richard Green, Filippo Vogliazzo, Liao Kai Jou, Dhan Fabbri, Noah Lubbe, Antony Di Leonardo, Andrea Kantos, Eisaku Lijima, Bignotha, Andrea Mineo, MR Richichi.

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